RuizJoshua2: Repeat or Revenge?

We are now less than 3 days away from the rematch that the world wants to see RuizJoshua2. However the question on everyone’s lips is will it be repeat or revenge?

Before we can try and answer that we must first look at their first fight, Joshua came into the fight as a massive favourite as Ruiz took the fight at 5 weeks’ notice, after Jarrell Miller was force to pull out after failing a drugs test. In the build up to the fight both men were very respectful while of course saying all the wright things, as both men were predicting a win however the bookies had Joshua as a big favourite. Then at the final press conference Joshua did something very unusual he gave his belts to Ruiz to hold and pose with them.

On fight night in front of a packed out Madison Square Garden both men made their ring walks Ruiz walked to the ring full of confidence, and he seemed to be loving the atmosphere. However when Joshua made his ring walk he just didn’t look wright he looked a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. Even during the introductions Ruiz looked like a man ready to fight and Joshua looked disinterested and like he didn’t want to be there.

At the start of the fight Joshua came out looking to work off his jab but unusually Joshua was boxing off the back foot it was all most like he couldn’t figure Ruiz out. These tactics continued in the second round, although Joshua won the first two rounds he just wasn’t busy enough. At the start of the third round Joshua landed a lovely combination which put Ruiz on the canvas, and everyone in the arena fought that was it the beginning of the end. Ruiz beat the count and Joshua went looking for the finish but as he moved in and started to land bigger shots Ruiz caught him with a shot on the head, which seemed to scramble his brain then a couple of shots later Joshua was on the canvas it was a much heavier knock down then Ruiz’s Joshua beat the count but his legs had gone. All he had to do to make it through the round would have been to tie Ruiz up but he tried to fight back and he was sent to the canvas again at the end of the round, he beat the count again and staggered back to his corner. From that point on Ruiz was in charge of the fight as he knew he could hurt Joshua and he knew he could take Joshua’s power. In the corner in between rounds although Rob McCraken was giving him good advice he didn’t seem to be listening. Then in between rounds 6 and 7 Joshua said “Why do I feel like this?” He’s never explained what he meant by the comment I think he knew he was losing the fight and he was feeling the pace. Then in the 7th round Joshua was put down twice more and the referee had decided that he’d seen enough and waved the fight off. Making Andy Ruiz Jr the first ever Mexican world heavyweight champion.

What went wrong for Anthony Joshua?

Many people have an opinion on what went wrong but here’s mine:

  • Did he over train?

He had a very long camp leading up to this fight and most of that was spent preparing for Jarrell Miller and when he had to pull out AJ would have still been in the gym ticking over then when Ruiz was announced he would have had to completely change the way he was training and get different sparring partners in. I know people will say that’s the life of a boxer, and it’s not the first time in his career he’s had to deal with a late change of opponent.

  • Did he overlook Andy Ruiz?

At the time of the first fight everyone was talking about a potential fight with Deontay Wilder for the undisputed world title, or an all British fight with Tyson Fury. So it is possible that he was looking past Ruiz. It is also possible that he started to believe he’s own hype because everyone thought he would just walk through Ruiz maybe he started to think the same thing.

  • He wasn’t up for the fight?

Some times when a fighter is a late replacement who everyone is saying he’s not in your league the fight can just become something you have to get through and you can treat it a bit like a sparring session, but when your opponent hasn’t read the scrip that’s when the fight can get difficult. AJ has said himself in interviews that he wasn’t up for the fight because he felt like he was fighting for nothing, which make sense when you think about it because he really had nothing to win and everything to lose.

I’m sure there are more things that went wrong that we will never know about I know it might sound like I’m trying to make excuses for Anthony Joshua’s performance, I’m not I’m just giving some possible reasons for his performance.

  • Repeat or Revenge?

So what’s going to happen on Saturday to be honest I don’t think anyone knows one thing’s for sure it should be a completely different fight.

If Joshua wants to win this fight he needs to put in a much better performance than he did in the first fight. He needs to be the Joshua of the last five years, on the front foot keeping Ruiz at range with his jab then the big combinations. If he does that I can’t see the fight going into the second half, if he doesn’t and he just looks for that one big shot he could be in trouble.

I think in this rematch we are going to see a completely different AJ because he’s going to want to prove that the first fight was just a bad night at the office. He’s also fighting for something not only the world title, but his boxing future because if he loses this fight it’s difficult to see where he goes from here.

Andy Ruiz is coming into this fight full of confidence because he knows he can hurt Joshua as his done it once and that was on only five weeks notice. I can see him using similar tactics as the first fight, I think he might look to keep low making himself a smaller target to hit. I think he could also look to use his movement to get on the inside and negate Joshua’s jab and try and lands shots to the body.

Although he’s champion all the pressure is still on Joshua but I can see him coming out trying to end the fight quicker than last time to prove to the world that the first fight wasn’t just a fluke.

Whatever happens one thing’s for sure this has all the ingredients to be a great fight because we’ve got a former champion looking to win his titles back, and avenge the only loss on his record, and a champion who wants to prove that he belongs at this level.

As always I love to hear what you guys think RuizJoshua2 will it be repeat or revenge? Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Wilder V Fury Was A Drew The Right Result

After months of build up and more than a little bad blood Wilder V Fury finally happened but was a draw the right result.

On Saturday night Wilder and Fury finally stopped talking and started fighting, this much anticipated fight definitely lived up to the hype. It was billed as the boxer against the puncher and that’s exactly what we saw as from the opening bell Fury was working well off the jab and he was moving well round the ring. For at least the first two rounds Wilder couldn’t land a meaningful shot on Fury. As the fight went on Wilder did have some success but throughout the fight the better quality work came from Fury as he was boxing his way in of course it wouldn’t be a Tyson Fury fight without some showboating and we saw plenty of that. In contrast Deontay Wilder was just looking for that one big knockout shot and when he couldn’t land it he didn’t seem to have a plan B.

Things seemed to be turning around in the 8th round when Wilder sent Fury to the canvas, but he got back up and came back well the next round. Then in the final round the fight looked over as Fury went down hard and he was flat on his back, but he got up like a man possessed to beat the count and make it to the bell.

So to the judges we went and this is where the controversy started as they scored the fight 115-111 (Wilder), 112-114 (Fury) and 113-113. Two of the three cards I can understand but were did Alejandro Rochin get his score of 115-111 from was he watching the same fight as the rest of us because he’s card was a disgrace. Even Phil Edwards score of 113-113 was harsh but I can see how he got there, here’s how I scored the fight:

Wilder V Fury


As you can see I clearly had Fury winning the fight and to be honest I could have scored it wider to Tyson Fury, I know in the past I’ve made no secret of the fact I don’t like Fury but on Saturday he out boxed and out fought Wilder.

I started this post by asking was a draw the right result and I think we can clearly see it wasn’t, but I have a bigger question for you were does the Heavyweight devision go from here? In the ring after the fight Deontay Wilder said he would be happy to give Tyson Fury a rematch but then in his press conference he said he wants to fight Joshua for the undisputed title. I know that’s the fight that a lot of fight fans want to see but if he fights like he did on Saturday against Joshua he’s going to lose.

Here’s what I think should happen Wilder should be ordered to give Fury a rematch because a draw doesn’t do ether man any good where as a rematch would answer any questions leftover from Saturday night. Then in April Anthony Joshua should fight Dillian Whyte in a Battle of Britain providing that he comes through his rematch with Dereck Chisora on the 22nd December.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts was a draw the right result and what should happen next?

BellewHaye2: The Rematch

This weekend we get to see the fight most boxing fans want to see again BellewHaye2 The Rematch. However a number of boxing fans have been asking why do we need a rematch? So in this post I will be looking at their first fight to try and answer that question.

Before we can talk about the rematch we must first look at their first fight, on the 4th March 2017 they gave us a fight that nobody expected it will without question go down in boxing history as one of the biggest upset wins of all time. As Bellew came into the fight a 6/1 underdog with the bookies and with Haye predicting a quick knockout but what happened was very different.

As you can see Tony clearly won the fight with that stunning 11th round stoppage when the towel came in from Hayes corner, and at the time of the stoppage Bellew was 3 rounds up on all of the judges cards. However the fight itself although it was amazing to watch left a number of people including me with more questions than answers. One can Hayes body still stand up to the battering that it’s had to go through both in the ring on fight night and in training camp? Would Bellew have won the fight if not for Hayes Achilles injury? Can Tony Bellew beat a fully fit David Haye? It is to answer all those questions and more why the rematch has to happen.

The fight was officially confirmed on the 19th September 2017 after days of the pair engaging in a war of words over Twitter. After the fight was announced the build up began However all that came to a grinding halt on the 20th of November when it was reported that Haye had suffered another injury in training and David Haye took to Twitter to release this statement on the fight been postponed

bellewhaye2 the rematch

I have to be honest after Haye pulled out with his bicep injury I didn’t think the fight would be rescheduled and I didn’t think we’d see him in a ring again. Due to this injury been one in a long line of injuries he has suffered through out his career, so you have to give him credit for taking the fight again.

Although I’m really looking forward to watching these two gladiators go to war again and if it’s half as good as the first fight then we are in for a real treat. However I do have some big concerns about the fight mainly because it’s been over a year since either man has fought. While I’m sure both of them have probably sparred thousands of rounds in training for this fight there is no substitute for an actual fight, so both men could be a bit ring rusty. My other worry is David Haye 100% fit, and finally David Haye has got a new trainer in his corner for this fight in the highly respected Ismael Salas he has worked with some of the best fighters in the sport including Jorge Linages. I’m sure they will have spent hours together in training but they’ve never worked a fight together so does he know Haye well enough to give him the right advice on Saturday if things start getting difficult in there when the bell goes. Those are all questions that we will find out the answers to on fight night. One things for sure it should be a great fight.

As always I love to hear what you guys think so comment below and let me know your thoughts, and don’t forget I will be doing a fight night preview and review of the whole night. The preview will be posted on Friday and the review will be posted on Saturday night after the fight.

What’s Next Now For Bellew Haye?

This week the big news in boxing is that the rematch between David Haye and Tony Bellew has been postponed due to Haye suffering a torn bicep in training. So in this post I will be looking at what’s next for both men.

As I’m sure we can all remember the pair gave us a great fight with a memorable build up. The fight was fairly even until Haye Suffered a leg injury in the 6th round which turned out to be a torn Achilles tendon before Bellew scored the stoppage in the 11th round. The rematch was made as soon as Haye had recovered from his injuries. Despite the fact that Bellew was up on all the cards at the time of the stoppage.

The rematch was officially confirmed on the 29th of September and this is what the pair had to say on Twitter:

David Haye, Tony Bellew, rematch, bellew haye

David Haye, Tony Bellew, rematch, bellew haye

However throughout the build up for this fight rumours have been running riot about the state of David Hayes health and fitness and on Monday the almost inevitable happened and the fight was postponed with David Haye releasing this statement on Twitter:

David Haye, Tony Bellew, rematch, bellew haye

So with this big fight postponed were does this leave both men let’s start with David to be honest I can’t see the fight been rescheduled so I can only see one option open to him and that is to retire the rematch was the only option on the table for him and if it doesn’t get rescheduled I can’t see any big name heavyweight wanting or needing to fight him. As well this is not the first time he’s had to pull out of a fight because of injury, I know this time he’s claiming that it was a freak accident but maybe his body just can’t do it anymore. Maybe it’s time he concentrated on his career on the other side of the ropes as a trainer and promoter.

As for Tony I believe he’s got a number of options open to him:

  • Wait For The Rematch With David: I know all British boxing fans were looking forward to the rematch, and the new date could be between March and May. So he could wait for the new date, but he’s already been in training for a long time for this fight so I think he will be looking to be in the ring before then. Let’s face it David needs Tony, Tony doesn’t need David.
  • Stay at Heavyweight: He’s still got the option to stay at heavyweight and I think a fight between him and Carlos Takam would be a good fight. No offence to Tony but I don’t think he’s big enough at heavyweight to fight for a world title.
  • Go Back Down to Cruiserweight: In my opinion Tony was at his best when he was fighting at cruiserweight, so he could always go back down and maybe take on the WBC champion Mairis Briedis

I’m sure this is a subject that is going to rumble on for a while and as soon as there is any news I will bring it to you. Please comment below and let me know what you think.