David Haye: The Hayemaker Calls It A Day

Last week a true legend of British boxing The Hayemaker David Haye hung up the gloves and called time on his incredible career. So in this post I will be looking back at his career to see what his Legacy will be.

David had an impressive amateur career culminating in him winning a sliver medal in the 2001 world championships. He made his professional debut on the 8th December 2002 with a knockout victory over Tony Booth in the 2nd round. He went on to win his first 10 fights by knockout picking up the English title along the way, and he looked unstoppable.

Then on the 9th October 2004 he got his big chance as in just his 11th fight he got the chance to fight for the world title, when he stepped in to the ring with Carl Thompson. Although Thompson was the defending champion Haye came into the fight a heavy favourite. However what should have been a dream night for Haye turned into a nightmare when he was knocked out in the 5th round, he started the fight brightly rocking Thompson a number of times and punching Thompson from pillar to post. He continued to dominate in the 2nd but he was starting to look out of gas, he’d thrown everything he had at Thompson and he was still standing and he was starting to come on strong. In the 4th Haye look completely exhausted and he was just looking to throw haymakers with every shot. By the 5th round Thompson was just able to land at will and then the inevitable happened as Haye hit the canvas he beat the count but then seconds later the towel came in from the corner with Haye out on his feet. Later Haye would say that the loss to Thompson was one of the best things that could have happened as it made him a better fighter.

Following that devastating loss to Carl Thompson David Haye was forced to go back to the drawing board. He was back in the ring again in 2 months when he took on Valeri Semiskur he came back in style scoring the knockout in the opening round. He then went on a 7 year winning streak. Just 4 fights after losing to Thompson he was back in the ring fighting for a title as he knocked out Alexander Gurov in the opening round to become the new European Cruiserweight champion. He went on to make 3 successful defences. His 3rd defence against Ismail Abdoul was the first time he was taken the distance in a fight before winning a unanimous decision 120-108 on all 3 of the judges cards

Two fights later he got another shot at the big one as he took on Jean-Marc Mormeck for the unified WBA and WBC titles. It was a very close fight with the fight going one way then the other Haye was fighting well before been dropped in the 4th, he came back well on wobbly legs to stop Mormeck in the 7th round to become the new world champion. Many people believed that this would be Hayes last fight at Cruiserweight because he was starting to struggle to make weight and he was always big for a Cruiserweight. Although the public really wanted to see a fight between David Haye and Enzo Maccarinelli

On 3rd March 2008 the public got what they wanted as Haye and Maccarinelli went to war for the WBA, WBC and the WBO titles. From the opening bell you could see this wasn’t going to be a fight of finesse as Haye was rocked within seconds of the bell, but then Haye started to take control of the fight. In the 2nd round Haye dropped Maccarinelli he got back to his feet but he was very unsteady on his feet and the referee stopped the fight.

After beating Enzo Maccarinelli Haye made the decision to move up to Heavyweight full time everyone knew he had the size to move up to Heavyweight but questions still remained around his punching power. In his first fight as a fully fledged Heavyweight he took on Monte Barrett a fight he won with a 5th round knockout. In just his 3rd fight as a heavyweight he got the opportunity to take on the giant Nikolay Valuev for the WBA Heavyweight title. Standing 7 foot tall nobody gave Haye a chance of winning the title. Nevertheless on fight night Haye put in a career best performance to out box and out class the Russian giant for 12 hard rounds. Throughout the whole fight Haye did a brilliant job of moving in and out of range and getting his shots off. In the 12th round he came very close to putting Valuev over as he was on rubbery legs and the bell saved him. Haye shocked the world by winning with a split decision winning the fight 116-112, 116-112 and 114-114.

After slaying the giant the whole world wanted to know who he would face in his first defence on the 3rd April 2010 he took on tough American John Ruiz. Haye drop Ruiz twice in the first round and it only looked like a matter of time. However it wasn’t a brilliant performance from Haye as he had a point deducted for rabbit punches. Haye floored Ruiz in the 5th and the 6th, finally the towel came in from Ruiz’s corner in the 9th round.

After successfully defending his title many people thought he would move on to bigger and better things however he decided to take on fellow Brit Audley Harrison, this was a move that surprise many people, but the pair have never gotten a long and I think Haye wanted to shut Harrison up. At the time it was looking less and less likely that he was going to get the opportunity to unify the devision with a fight with Wladimir Klitschko. So after months of bad blood in the build up the pair finally let their fists do the talking on the 13th November 2010. However the fight didn’t live up to the buildup, as Haye wiped Harrison out in 3 short rounds, and if you look at the punch stats for the fight you will see that Harrison only landed one punch in the whole fight.

After a nasty build up I’m sure we all remember Haye wearing a T shirt holding both of the Klitschko brothers heads he finally got the fight he had been demanding. On 2nd July 2011 on a wet and cold night in Germany all the talking stopped and the first bell rang. From the opening bell Haye was just out boxed he couldn’t get near Klitschko to land anything clean, and to make things worse he was dropped in the 11th round although it looked more like a slip. He was well beaten to be honest I think he only won one round in the whole fight. In his post fight interview and press conference he was less than gracious in defeat. Then came the moment that everyone will remember toe gate Haye said that the only reason he lost the fight was because he broke his little toe in training. He went as far as to get up on the table at the press conference so the whole world could see his toe. Unfortunately this excuse for losing would follow him for the rest of his career. The lost to Klitschko was his first since the Carl Thompson defeat back in 2004.

After the loss to Klitschko many people thought that he would have called it a day then but he put retirement plans on the back burner because of the possibility of a fight with Vitali Klitschko However the fight never happened as Klitschko opted to take on Dereck Chisora instead.

After Chisora lost to Klitschko in their fight Haye was at his post fight press conference, the press conference soon turned into a bar room brawl between the two. In the aftermath of the brawl Chisora threatened to murder Haye. Following the brawl in Germany the pair decided to settle their differences in the ring at the home of West Ham United football club. However the British Boxing Board of Control refused to license the fight, so the fight was licensed by The Luxembourg Boxing Federation, this was heavily criticised by many people and organisations within boxing so much so that the WBC threatened to revoke the licenses of anyone involved in the event. Haye won with a 5th round stoppage of Chisora.

After his victory over Chisora Haye started negotiations with Tyson Fury and the fight was made for 29th June 2013, but Haye pulled out with an injury the fight was rescheduled twice as Haye kept having to withdraw with injuries. The fight would now never happen as Haye required shoulder surgery and he was advised by doctors to call it a day, although he never officially retired.

In 2015 he announced that he was returning to the ring and that wasn’t the only bombshell he also revealed that he was no longer going to be trained by his longtime trainer Adam Booth who had been his trainer since he was 16 and he was teaming up with Shane McGuigan. He stepped back between the ropes on the 16th January 2016 against Mark de Mori but to be honest it wasn’t a fight it was more like a glorified sparring session as he scored the knockout in the opening round. He was back in the ring again on the 21st May 2016 against Ardnold Gjergjaj, but once again it wasn’t a competitive fight as Haye scored the knockout in the 2nd round.

On the 4th March 2017 the public got the fight they wanted to see after months of build up over social media the fight finally happened. In front of a packed O2 arena the fight was fairly even until the 6th round when Haye suffered a torn Achilles’ tendon he continued to try and fight back but it was obvious he was struggling he made it to the 11th round before Bellew put him through the ropes and the towel came in from the corner.

An immediate rematch was made as Haye believe that he could beat Bellew if it wasn’t for his injury. The fight was made for December but Haye was force to pull out with a bicep injury. So the fight took place on the 5th May back at the O2. From the opening bell Haye just didn’t look right and he was reaching with his punches. He was dropped twice in the 3rd somehow he made it to the bell and through the 4th. He was put down again in the 5th before the referee jumped in and stopped it. It was clear to see his mind was willing but the body wasn’t. He refused to be drawn on questions about his future after the fight.

On the 12 June he took to social media to release this statement

You can read his full statement on his website.

So what does the future hold for David Haye he is cultivating a growing stable as a promoter including the heavyweight Commonwealth champion Joe Joyce, so he’s still got a lot to offer the sport from the other side of the ropes

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Is It The End For Hayemaker?

On Saturday night David Haye lost in his big rematch with Tony Bellew after been knocked out in the 5th round. So now many people are asking is this the end of the Hayemaker. In this post I will be looking at what the future might hold for him.

As always on fight night he look like a Greek god and from the opening bell he started the fight well working off the jab, winning the first two rounds. However he didn’t look comfortable in there and he was leading with his front foot which meant that he couldn’t get the power in his right hand and by the end of the second he already looked like he was feeling the pace. Then the wheels started to come off in the third as Bellew upped the tempo he was able to put Haye on the canvas twice in the round. He got up from the first knockdown and on the second knockdown it looked like his right ankle had gone again. Despite the fact that he insisted in the build up that he was fully fit. When he got up from the second knockdown you could see Bellew screaming at him to stop. He made it through the 4th although Bellew was just able to land shots at will, in the 5th Bellew landed another big shot and Haye fell hard to the canvas once again he got back to his feet but he continued to take a barrage of punches leaving referee Howard Foster with no choice but to stop the fight.

In his post fight interview he was very gracious in defeat admitting that he was beaten by the better man on the night. When he was asked about any possible injury he said that everything was fine he was just beaten by the better man. When asked if this fight was the end of his career he refused to be drawn on the question, although in the build up to the fight he said that if he couldn’t beat Bellew in style he would retire from boxing.

With that in mind many people expected an announcement saying that he had retired from in ring action to concentrate of his promotional business but as of yet no such announcement has been forthcoming and he hasn’t been active on social media since fight night.

On Monday there was something of a surprising development when fellow British boxer Dillian Whyte who himself is on the verge of a world title shot called him out urging him to have one more fight because he wants to be the one to end his career for good. A couple of years ago this would have been a fight I would of love to have seen. I’m sure if it was to happen that the public would go bonkers for it and it would be an instant sell out. However now the fight makes no sense because it was clear from his performance on Saturday night at 37 Hayes injury ravaged body cannot compete at the top level anymore. If the fight where to happen both men have everything to lose and nothing to gain. If Haye wins people will say that Whyte can’t will a world title, if Whyte wins they will say that he beat a has been who was nowhere near his best.

David Haye has been a great servant to the sport of boxing he’s a former undisputed Cruiserweight and a Heavyweight champion but I think it’s time for him to think of life on the other side of the ropes. This week both his former trainer Adam Booth and gym mate George Groves have said that he shouldn’t have been in the ring on Saturday and begged him to hang up the gloves.

I started this post by asking is this the end for the Hayemaker I think it will be but we will have to wait and see.

As always I love to hear what you guys think please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Who Should James DeGale Fight Next?

Earlier this month James DeGale once again became the IBF Super Middleweight champion when he out boxed Caleb Truax in their rematch, but now the question everyone wants to know now is who is he going to fight next, so here are just a few names I think would make a good fight.

1. Caleb Truax

You may think this is something of a surprising choice when you consider that DeGale out boxed him for the whole of their rematch. However it is now 1 all in their series and boxing fans love a good trilogy, and the 3rd fight would settle once and for all who the best fighter out of the two is.

2. George Groves

I know that Groves is busy recovering from injury and that he’s going to have his hands full with Callum Smith in the World Boxing Super Series final. However this is a rematch that has to happen at some point. As I’m sure you remember the pair first met back in 2011 and it was a barn stormer of a fight with Groves coming out victorious by just a single point. This result is still disputed by many boxing fans. Additionally if this fight where to happen providing that Groves gets past Smith it would be a title unification fight, which would be great for British boxing.

3. David Benavidez

This was a fight that was been talked about before the loss to Truax sent that all up in smoke. Now that DeGale is champion again a fight with the WBC champion seems to make a lot of sense. Especially if the fight can be made in Briton.

4. Gilberto Ramirez

This would be a great fight for both men when you consider that Ramirez’s reputation is growing both in the US and Mexico. However I can see one big stumbling block to the fight DeGale is currently been advised by Al Haymon. Therefore boxing politics could make it virtually impossible for him to make a fight with a Top Rank fighter. However if they can get past the politics it would be a big fight as Ramirez is the current WBO champion.

5. Badou Jack

These two gave us an awesome fight in the big apple last year however the fight left us with more questions than answers as it ended in a draw. I know that Jack has moved up to Light Heavyweight, but I think that DeGale would have no problem moving up for just one fight. I think it’s unlikely that Jack would come back down to Super Middleweight.

This is in no way an endless list it’s just a few names that I think would make a good fight. As well as answering some questions that remain about how much he’s got left in the tank.

As always I love to hear what you guys think so comment below and let me know your thoughts, and who you think he should fight next.

Is Dillian Whyte The Heavyweight Divisions Forgotten man?

At the moment I think we can all agree that boxing is booming around the world, but particularly the heavyweight division. With everyone talking about the likes of Anthony Joshua, Joseph Parker and Deontay Wilder, many people are even talking about Tyson Fury getting into the world title picture. Nobody is talking about Dillian Whyte in the same breath has he become the heavyweight divisions forgotten man?

The Body Snatcher is back in action in the ring this weekend when he makes his first defence of his WBC Sliver title. Normally if he was to win a fight like this he would be first in line for a shot at Wilder’s title but somehow I can’t see that happening, so my question is why? In 2012 his career looked all but over when he tested positive for the banned drug Metlhexanamie as a result he was banned from boxing for 2 years. He stepped back into the ring on the 28th November 2014 when he knocked out Thomas Mrazek in the 3rd round. He then went on a 5 fight knockout streak winning the WBC International Sliver title along the way.

Then on the 12th December 2015 thanks in large part to social media he got the fight he had been demanding against Anthony Joshua in a true boxing classic

Despite losing the fight it did his career no harm because he was the first man to take Joshua past the 3rd round and he was the first man to land clean on Joshua’s chin and rock him, before been knocked out in the 7th round. For most boxers losing a fight means that they have to go back and rebuild, but this fight put him back on the world map and his name on the lips of boxing fans he was been talked about then as a future world champion but it still hasn’t happened for him.

After the Joshua fight he had a long lay off to deal with a shoulder injury, however his in ring career continued to go from strength to strength in 2016 he joined up with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom in the hope of getting that elusive title shot. 1 fight after he lost to Joshua he was in a title fight for the WBC International title a fight he won by unanimous decision. Again people where talking about him taking on Wilder, but instead he fought Ian Lewison for the British title winning the fight with a 10th round stoppage.

On the 10 December 2016 on the undercard of the Joshua Molina fight he took on his long time domestic rival Derick Chisora in an eliminator for the WBC title. The pair went to war for 12 hard rounds, with the fight going one way then the other he won a tight split decision in one of the best fights I have ever seen. Again people where talking about him challenging Wilder but once again the fight never happened. In his next fight he made a dramatic statement on his US debut scoring a 3rd round knockout over Malcolm Tann.

In his next fight he once again won a WBC title when he won the WBC Sliver title winning a unanimous decision over Robert Helenius. So it seems to me like he’s done everything he should have done to earn a shot at the WBC title and if he wins on Saturday that should move him to the head of the line. Now don’t get me wrong I would love to see Joshua take on Wilder to unify the titles but assuming that he wins on Saturday and Joshua beats Parker I think he should get a shot at the title before Joshua.

I know that this is a controversial subject that is no doubt going to divide opinions but think about it what is the point of having international and sliver titles or title eliminators if you don’t get a shot at the world title.

I love to hear from you guys so comment below and let me know your thoughts is Dillian Whyte the forgotten man.

Scott Quigg’s California Nightmare

Last week Scott Quigg probably had the worse week of his boxing career, when he was out in California to fight Oscar Valdez for the world title but it all went wrong. So in this post I will be looking at what went wrong and were does he go from here.

All seemed to be going to plan in the build up to the fight he was saying all the right things, and he was not only hoping to become a 2 weight world champion but he was even talking about the possibility of a rematch with his arch rival Carl Frampton. However that went up in smoke on Saturday night.

Things started going wrong for him on Friday at the weigh in when he missed the weight by 2 and a half pounds, and there is a rule that says if a fighter comes in more than 2 pounds overweight then they are not allowed to try and lose it. After he missed the weight hundreds of people took to social media calling him unprofessional some people even suggested that he had missed the weight as some sort of tactic. I don’t believe that this is the case this was the first time in his career that he’d missed the weight for a fight. He is one of the most professional boxers there is, and to say it was tactical is ridiculous, it was a world title fight I can’t imagine any boxer coming into a fight over weight on purpose. However you have to give Oscar Valdez and his team credit for still taking the fight, but with the weight issue it made it even more important for him to win the fight.

On fight night it was reported that he weighed 140 pounds so we had a Featherweight vs a welterweight. He walked to the ring full of confidence but from the first bell it looked like he’d got his game plan all wrong, he couldn’t cope with the hand speed and power of Valdez and he was walking forward and backwards in straight lines which was making him easier to hit. He did try to get into the fight rocking Valdez more than once and breaking his jaw. Throughout the whole fight the better quality punches came from Valdez but all the rounds were close and hard to score. At the final bell the judges scored it 118-110 and 117-111 on the other two, I had it118-110 on my card.

In his post fight interview he admitted that the better man won on the night and he apologised to all the fans who had braved the weather and made the trip from England. When he was asked about his weight he said that he fractured his foot 4 weeks before the fight which meant that he had to start cutting his weight earlier than normal. On Thursday before the fight he was 3 pounds over and because he’d started cutting weight early by Thursday he couldn’t get the weight off because his body had shutdown.

There’s no question that he can come back from this but were does he go from here:

  • Stay at featherweight: Featherweight is the right weight for him and he’s still highly ranked with many of the governing bodies. I don’t think we will ever know the truth about why he was overweight maybe he just had a bad camp which has happened to every boxer at some point in their career.
  • Change trainer: I think it may be a good idea for him to go back to Joe Gallagher, he’s had a couple of fights under Freddie Roach and he just hasn’t looked like the Scott Quigg of old. He was definitely at his best under Gallagher maybe he’s got lost in the Wildcard which has happened to a lot of top fighters.

Whatever he decides to do next he’s going to have a long lay off because he’s going to have to recover from the cuts over his eye and his broken nose.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts and what he should do next.