Fight Night Review 8th December 2018

On Saturday night Sheffield gave us a packed night of boxing action, here’s my fight night review of all the action.

Kell Brook V Michael Zerafa

Kell Brook wins a wide unanimous decision but has he past his best.

From the opening bell Brook looked to land big shots and Zerafa just looks slow, at this rate Zerafa will be lucky to make it through the opening round but somehow he made it to the bell. In the 2nd round Brook just picked up where he left off landing big shots, however in this round Zerafa did have some success. In the 3rd round Zerafa was starting to have more success Brook will have to be careful if Zerafa starts to grow in confidence this could be a much harder fight. Then back comes Brook with good shots of his own. In the 4th Brook was landing big shots but then back came Zerafa. Although Brook is clearly winning this fight if he wants to get into the world title picture he needs to be getting rid of the likes of Zerafa. At the start of the 5th Zerafa was landing some good shots has Kell Brook taken Zerafa too lightly.

Going into the second half of the fight Brook has won every round but it’s not the performance anyone was expecting. In the 6th round Brook was back behind his jab but he wasn’t following up with anything. At the end of the round Brook rocked Zerafa but he took it well. In the 7th Brook was landing the better quality shots. Midway through the round Brook rocked Zerafa but then back he came. In the 8th Brook was starting to walk Zerafa down and land big shots, but then back came Zerafa. The 9th was much the same as the rest of the fight yes he won the round but he’s taking too many shots, and then Zerafa rocked Brook and he looked ready to go.

Into the championship rounds we go Brook is winning the fight but it’s a terrible performance. In the 10th Brook was looking tired against a better opponent he would have been taken out by now. In the 11th Brook continued to walk forward and land shots then back came Zerafa Brook is having to force all his work.

Going into the final round I had Brook 10 rounds up. In the 12th round Brook went looking for the finish, but once again back came Zerafa. At the final bell I had Brook 11 rounds up but that doesn’t tell the story of the fight.

Jono Carroll V Guillaume Frenois

The Judges couldn’t split them as the fight is scored a draw so will we see a rematch as this was an eliminator for the world title.

In the 1st round Frenois was on the front foot looking to make Carroll work so he can throw on the counter. It was a close round but Carroll just got the better of it. In the 2nd it looked like Carroll was trying to go to the body, However Frenois is having a lot of success of his own, with seconds to go in the round Frenois was rocked and he looked ready to go but he made it to the bell. In the 3rd the better quality boxing was coming from Frenois but it was another close round. I know it’s early but this could be fight of the night, again at the end of the round Frenois was rocked . At the start of the 4th you could see that Carroll was growing in confidence. It’s only the 4th round but it looks like Frenois is starting to feel the pace. At this point in the fight all the good work was coming from Carroll. In the 5th both men seemed happy to let their hands go, although Frenois’s jab still looked sharp and he’s having a good round the quality shots were coming from Carroll.

Going into the second half of the fight I have Carroll 4 rounds up he just needs to keep the pace up and not walk into a shot. In the 6th Carroll was landing some good shots to the head, but Frenois is coming back well. Carroll needs to stop loading up with every shot. In the 7th Carroll was still landing some good shots he’s doing better in this round of not loading up and just using his boxing skills. In the 8th Carroll once again looked like he was just looking for that one big shot and Frenois is able to counter. In the 9th Carroll was landing some good shots to the body that could work well for him as we go down the stretch

So into the championship rounds we go and I had Carroll 2 rounds up. In the 10th both men let their hands go and Frenois was having the better of it. If Carroll was to use his boxing skills he would win this fight. In the 11th Carroll has gone back to his boxing but now it’s Frenois having the better of it, Carroll is starting to look like he’s struggling.

Going into the final round I had it a draw so it’s all to play for in this round. In the 12th Carroll started well but both were having success I couldn’t split them in this round so at the final bell I have it a draw.

Kid Galahad V Brayan Mairena

Kid Galahad put in a good performance to win on point’s next stop for him a world title shot.

In the 1st round Galahad came out looking to land big shots, it looks like he’s trying to make a statement. However Mairena was looking to make a fight of it throwing shots of his own. In the 2nd round Galahad stayed on the front foot landing shots to the head and body, although he’s still not having it his own way as Mairena is making him work. In the 3rd Mairena came out looking to let his hands go however it’s not really working for him as he’s getting caught on the counter. It looks in this round like Galahad has up the pace landing combinations. In the 4th round Galahad continued to box well staying on the front foot, at the moment it looks like Galahad can land at will. In the 5th Galahad just stuck to his boxing skills, this has been a good performance from Galahad the only thing missing is the stoppage. The 6th was much the same as the rest of the fight to be honest I think Mairenas corner should think about pulling him out because he’s never going to win this fight. In the 7th Mairena was just hanging in there as Galahad is just able to do what he wants. In the final round Galahad just kept landing good shots with nothing coming back from Mairena.

Also On The Bill:

Anthony Fowler: Scored a stunning knockout in the opening round to move to 9-0.

Terri Harper: Scored a 2nd round knockout to move to 5-0.

Qais Ashfaq: Put in a punch perfect performance to score a 5th round knockout to move to 4-0.

Josh Kelly had to withdraw from his fight due to illness, however the fight has been rescheduled.

Hope you enjoyed the fights and comment below and let me know your thoughts. What was your fight of the night?

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