Fight Night Review 4th August 2018

On Saturday night Cardiff played host to a packed night of JD Nxtgen boxing. Here’s my fight night review of all the action.

Joe Cordina V Sean Dodd

Joe Cordina puts in a career best performance to become the new Commonwealth champion.

In the 1st round Cordina came out looking to take charge, he was walking Dodd down but Dodd’s been their seen it and done it but it looks like it could be a hard night for Dodd. In the 2nd Cordina continued to work well off the jab but Dodd is not making it easy for him landing some good shots of his own. However Cordina didn’t really take a backward step. In the 3rd both men landed good shots but the better quality shots where coming from Cordina, Dodd is still in this fight it’s been a lot closer than I thought it would be. At the start of the 4th it was Dodd letting his hands go but once again the quality shots where coming from Cordina. My biggest concern is that even when Dodd lands clean he’s not hurting Cordina. In the 5th Cordina was looking to step it up but every time he does back comes Dodd.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Cordina 4 rounds up and I can see him going looking for the stoppage in the second half of the fight. Dodd had a good start to the 6th this is Dodd’s best chance of winning the fight stay up close and make Cordina work for every minute of every round. Toward the end of the round Cordina landed a good body shot that seemed to hurt Dodd. In the 7th it looked like Cordina knew he was on top as he was quite happy to sit on the ropes and let Dodd punch himself out, and then start landing shots of his own. At the start of the 8th Cordina started to tee off but Dodd wouldn’t take a backward step and was landing some nice shots to the body. Toward the end of the round again Cordina landed a shot that seemed to hurt Dodd. In the 9th Cordina was keeping Dodd at range with his jab, but then Dodd is able to get close once again and work on the inside.

So into the championship rounds we go but Cordina has to be in a big lead. The 10th started much the same as the rest of the fight. However in this round Cordina was landing more combinations and Dodd is starting to look like he’s got very little left. In the 11th it looks like Cordina was looking for the knockout as he’s just able to land at will at this point. Once again Cordina landed some nice combinations.

Going into the final round I had Cordina 10 up, but Dodd has given it everything he’s got. The 12th was another entertaining round to watch with Cordina landing some really nice shots. Even though Dodd has lost this fight there was no way he was going to quit.

Natasha Jonas V Viviane Obenauf

Viviane Obenauf shocks the world knocking out Natasha Jonas in the 4th round.

The 1st round started slowly both women just finding their range and distance Obenauf started the fight brightly catching Jonas with a number of shots, Jonas needs to stop going back in straight lines. In the 2nd Obenauf came out looking for Jonas, but Jonas is having more success in this round but it wasn’t enough for her to win the round. At the start of the 3rd Jonas started to land some real painful looking shots. Then out of nowhere Jonas got caught with a hard shot and she hit the canvas and struggled to get back to her feet. Seconds later on wobbly legs she got caught with another good shot and she goes down again she just made it to the bell. In the 4th Jonas legs just look wobbly and she goes down again, she beat the count but she continued to take big shots and the towel came in from the corner

Daniyar Yeleussinov V Gabor Gorbics

Daniyar Yeleussinov put in a very good performance to win on points over a game opponent to move to 3-0.

In the 1st round Yeleussinov came out looking to work off the jab then follow it with the big left hand. Midd way through the round Yeleussinov was starting to load up more and more, but I think he needs to be patient and just let his work flow. In the 2nd Yeleussinov was starting to walk Gorbics down he still continued to work well off the jab. Toward the end of the round Yeleussinov rocked Gorbics but he made it to the bell, but it only looks like a matter of time. In the 3rd Yeleussinov continued to touch Gorbics with the jab then land the power shot. However it still doesn’t look like Yeleussinov has his range he seems to be wasting a lot of punches, but when he does land he’s hurting Gorbics.

Going into the second half of the fight Yeleussinov has won every round. In the 4th round it looked like Yeleussinov had stepped on the gas looking for the knockout, I don’t know how much more Gorbics can take. In the 5th Yeleussinov continued to just tee off on Gorbics, this is now getting hard to watch either the referee or his corner should pull Gorbics out. Going into the final round it looks like Yeleussinov really wants the stoppage as he is just able to land at will. As he connected with a number of good combinations.

Also on the bill:

Sean McGoldrick: Put In a very good performance to win on points in a very entertaining fight.

Anthony Sims Jr: Made a statement on his Uk debut scoring a 4th round knockout and moving to 15-0.

Hope you enjoyed all the action and comment below and let me know your thought

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