Fight Night Review 21st April 2018

On Saturday night The Echo Arena in Liverpool hosted a packed night of boxing action. Here’s my fight night review of all the action.

Amir Khan V Paul Lo Greco

Amir Khan gets back down to business with a 1st round knockout victory.

In the 1st round Khan came out looking to land shots in the opening seconds he landed a right hand which sent Lo Greco to the canvas but he beat the count. Seconds later Lo Greco hit the canvas again and the referee waved it off. The fight only lasted 40 seconds

Sean Dodd V Tommy Coyle

Tommy Coyle puts in a career best performance to stop Sean Dodd and become the Commonwealth champion.

In the 1st round Coyle was very much on the front foot but it was a close round with not much to split them Coyle might of just edged it as he was more aggressive. In the 2nd round Coyle continued to be on the front foot but he’s not landing much. This is a different fight to the one I was expecting, I thought Coyle would look to end it early because Dodd is known as a slow starter. The 3rd round was still very cagey but Coyle seems to be having more success in this round. Toward the end of the round Coyle rocked Dodd with a right hand and he looked ready to go but somehow he made it to the bell. At the start of the 4th Dodd still didn’t look fully recovered from that onslaught in the last round. Coyle was doing the right things sticking to his boxing and not going looking for the knockout. Toward the end of the round Dodd started to have some success, he landed a big shot on Coyle but then Coyle came back with a big shot of his own which sent Dodd to the canvas. He beat the count but he still doesn’t look fully recovered, Coyle now goes looking for the finish but again Dodd makes it to the end of the round. In the 5th round Dodd was still on wobbly legs and Coyle was starting to land at will. However Dodd was still trying to fight back but he seems to have nothing that could hurt Coyle.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Coyle 4 up and boxing well it seems like only a matter of time before he gets Dodd out of there. In the 6th round Coyle was sticking to his boxing doing nothing silly just waiting for his opportunity to strike. With a minute to go Coyle lands a hook and Dodd crashes to the canvas he beat the count, but now Coyle can smell blood an he goes looking for the finish. With Dodd taking a barrage of punches the towel comes in from the corner.

Conor Benn V Chris Truman

Conor Benn was back with a bang with a 4th round knockout.

In the 1st round Benn came out working off the jab, it’s early in the round but Benn is already looking to land the power shots. It’s seems like Benn can’t miss at the moment this one isn’t going to last long. In the 2nd round it looked like Benn was looking for the finish, Benn’s punch selection is much better in this fight. In the 3rd round Benn continued to land big shots to the body and head, there seems to be nothing Truman can do to keep Benn off him. In the 4th Benn seemed to have up the tempo and he’s started to work on his combinations more. With 2 minutes to go in the round Benn landed the perfect upper cut and sent Truman to the canvas, and the referee waved it off as Truman was on unsteady legs

Sam Eggington V Achilles Szabo

Sam Eggington gets back to winning ways with a 2nd round knockout of an overmatched opponent.

In the 1st round Eggington was moving well and working well off the jab. Throughout the round Eggington landed a number of big shots to the body. In the 2nd round Eggington continued to land shots to the body, and with just over a minute gone in the round Szabo goes down off another big shot. He beat the count but it doesn’t look like this one is going to last much longer. Seconds later Szabo hits the canvas again and this time off a head shot once again he beats the count. Eggington is now going looking for the finish landing at will finally the referee says enough is enough and stops the fight.

Natasha Jonas V Taoussy L’Hadji

In Just her 6th fight Natasha Jonas wins her first professional title over a very tough Taoussy L’Hadji.

In the 1st round Jonas was working well off the jab then following it up with the right hand. However you can see that L’Hadji hasn’t just come over for a pay day this could be a good hard fight. In the 2nd round Jonas continued to work off the jab she was landing some good shots to both head and body. However L’Hadji was having success of her own. In the 3rd Jonas seems to be looking to get more power into her shots, although a lot of her shots are falling short and she’s getting caught on the counter. Toward the end of the round Jonas seemed to be having more success but she’s not having this all her own way. In the 4th Jonas was boxing much better, there seemed to be less coming back from L’Hadji although she still moving and making Jonas work.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Jonas up by 3 but it’s a much harder fight than I was expecting. In the 5th L’Hadji came out letting her hands go but by the end of the round Jonas was back in control. In the 6th it looked like Jonas has upped her work rate but L’Hadji won’t take a backward step. In the 7th L’Hadji seemed to be having more success. Toward the end of the round Jonas landed a big shot which hurt L’Hadji then she hit the canvas she beat the count, but the referee waved it off.

Also On The Bill:

Anthony Fowler: Anthony Fowler moves to 6-0 with a 2nd knockout off a nice body shot.

Hope you enjoyed the fights comment below and let me know your thoughts. Can Amir Khan win another world title?

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  1. Cracking night of boxing some great fights great work ,review very enjoyable reading keep up the great work all the best billy.

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