Fight Night Review 3rd March 2018

On Saturday night Sheffield saw all of the lights as Kell Brook stepped back into the ring, as well as a packed undercard. Here’s my fight night review of all the action.

Kell Brook V Sergey Rabchenko

Kell Brook is back in business with a 2nd round knockout.

In the 1st round Robchenko looked to get off to a fast start, however the better work was coming from Brook landing some nice shots to the head and body. Brook seems to have found his range and timing from the start. In the 2nd Brook continued to land good shots. Midway through the round Brook rocked Rabchenko and continued to land combinations until eventually he hit the canvas and he couldn’t beat the count.

Gamal Yafai V Gavin McDonnell

Gavin McDonnell put in a punch perfect performance to win by unanimous decision to take one step closer to another world title shot.

In the 1st round Yafai was looking to be on the front foot and although he was throwing the jab it looked like he was looking to load up too much but it was a good aggressive start. In the 2nd Yafai stayed on the front foot but it looked like he was looking to use his boxing skills more. Midway through the round McDonnell was able to back Yafai up it was a good close round, and this is shaping up to be a good fight. In the 3rd Yafai came out on the front foot landing some nice shots, however McDonnell was doing well catching Yafai on the counter. I think Yafai’s body work will pay off as the fight goes on. At the start of the 4th both men came out on the front foot Yafai needs to stop looking for the big shots and box more, as McDonnell looks like he’s warming into the fight. McDonnell landed a number of nice combinations. In the 5th Yafai tried to back McDonnell up but McDonnell kept coming back with nice shots. Yafai is starting to look frustrated that he can’t land the big shot.

Going into the second half of the fight I had McDonnell 3 rounds up but they are all close rounds. In the 6th round both men came out working well off the jab Yafai seems to have found his composure again landing nice combinations to the body. Toward the end of the round McDonnell burst into life rocking Yafai. In the 7th McDonnell came out looking to throw shots but then quickly got back to his boxing. What is concerning at this stage in the fight is that Yafai is starting to look tired, however he did land some nice shots to the head but not enough to win the round. In the 8th it looked like McDonnell was looking to up the pace but the better work in this round was coming from Yafai. It looked like both men were starting to feel it. In the 9th McDonnell was able to stay on the front foot with less coming back from Yafai. There’s not much in these rounds McDonnell is just landing the better quality shots. In the 10th it looked like McDonnell was going for the finish McDonnell seemed to be able to land at will. McDonnell rocked Yafai with a number of hard combinations and Yafai looked like he’s got nothing left. In the 11th McDonnell was just able to do what he wants when he wants and Yafai had no answer. Going into the final round I had McDonnell 5 rounds up. In the 12th Yafai was once again just looking for that one big shot and McDonnell was boxing beautifully at the final bell I had McDonnell winning it by 6 rounds

Lenroy Thomas V David Allen

Big disappointment for both men as the fight ends with a technical draw in the 1st round, surely there will be a 3rd fight between these two.

At the start of the 1st Thomas was looking to work off the jab throughout the round all the work was coming from Thomas. However midway through the round there was a accidental clash of heads which left Allen with a very nasty cut on his eye and the referee after consulting with the doctor stopped the fight.

Kid Galahad V Irvin Berry

Kid Galahad put in a good performance to score a 3rd round knockout to stay undefeated.

In the 1st round both were looking to be on the front foot Galahad landing some good shots to the body, and Berry was working well off the jab. It looked like Galahad was staying in range for too long. At the start of the 2nd both men were looking to work off the jab Galahad seems to have found his range and distance in this round, Galahad continued to have success with shots to the body throughout the round. At the start of the 3rd Berry came out looking to land shots but the better work was still coming from Galahad. It’s early in the fight and Berry is already looking out of ideas. Then Galahad landed a big left hand which put Berry on his back and the referee didn’t even bother with the count.

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One thought on “Fight Night Review 3rd March 2018

  1. Great start Brook at a new weight I like his post match interview when ask Khan or a world title KHAN that was good, another great night off boxing really good review great work Chris.

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