The Perfect Weight For A Heavyweight Boxing

Recently both on social media and the boxing press there has been a lot of talk about the perfect weight for a heavyweight boxer. So in this post we will be looking at if there is such a thing.

I think the reason for this amount of talk about boxers weight is due to the fact that Tyson Fury is talking about coming back but at the moment he weighs 25 stone, and he says that he needs to lose at least 7 stone before he can get back in the ring. As well as in his last 2 fights Anthony Joshua has weighed in at his career heaviest. I think the best way to look at what is the best weight is to work out the average weight of a heavyweight boxer today:

 Heavyweight, Boxing

From the chart above you can see that the average weight for a heavyweight today is 17.11 stone. However that number means nothing unless we go back in time and look at weights of fighters back then, for this post I have decided to go back 10 years to see what if anything has changed.

 Heavyweight, Boxing 10 year ago

Again as you can see from the chart above the average weight of a fighter 10 years ago was 17.1 stone. This means that in 10 years the average weight has only gone up by 0.10 stone which is nothing.

I think most fighters would agree that there’s no perfect weight for a fighter, the perfect weight for a fighter is a weight that he feels comfortable fighting at, and can perform to his best ability.

With the number of big heavyweight fights coming up in the next few months I’m sure this is a debate that will continue to rumble on. However please comment below and let me know what you think.

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