Fight Night Review 26th August 2017

On Saturday night the T Mobile arena in Las Vegas played host to a night of boxing that will go down in history. Here’s my review of all the action.

Floyd Mayweather V Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather rolled back the years to knockout Conor McGregor in the 10th round

In the 1st round McGregor started well backing Mayweather up and landing shots to Mayweather’s body. In the 2nd McGregor continues to land some good shots. It looks like Mayweather is looking to let McGregor punch himself out. In the 3rd round McGregor looked to stay on the front foot and continued to land good shots. It seems like Mayweather has a clear game plan. At the end of the round it looks like McGregor is starting to struggle as he’s breathing heavily. Midd way through the round Mayweather starts to let his hands go. Maybe he knows he can take McGregor’s best punches. In the 5th round McGregor was throwing more shots but not much was landing. Mayweather was just able to walk McGregor down.

Going into the second half of the fight I had McGregor 1 up but only because of the fast start he made. In the 6th round Both men started throwing shots but Mayweather is starting to have more and more success. McGregor is looking very tired and Mayweather looks like he’s just growing into the fight. He looks like the Mayweather of 10 years ago. In the 7th round Mayweather’s punches continued to flow and less is coming back from McGregor. With a minute to go in the round it looked like Mayweather could land at will. At the start of the 8th McGregor tried to land shots but Mayweather could just walk through them, and Mayweather is starting to put more power on his punches. To be honest this is getting hard to watch. At the start of the 9th McGregor rocked Mayweather but he recovered well. However by the mid way point Mayweather started to tee off and McGregor looks like he’s got nothing left.

Into the championship rounds we go I had it very wide to Mayweather. In the 10th round Mayweather went for the knockout, and with nothing coming back from McGregor the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

Gervonta Davis V Francisco Fonseca

Gervinho Davis keeps his undefeated record with an 8th round knockout.

In the 1st round Davis came out looking to go to the body of Fonseca, Davis landed a number of power shots in the 2nd Fonseca worked well off his jab. Davis seemed to be looking past Fonseca toward the end of the round Davis did start teeing off. In the 3rd round Fonseca continues to try and work off the jab, but then Davis started landing big power shots. In the 4th round Davis was just playing with Fonseca walking around the ring with his hands behind his back. At the end of the round Fonseca landed some good shots, Davis just needs to get down to business. In the 5th round Fonseca landed some nice combinations. Mid way through the round it looked like Davis was starting to take control again, it looked like Davis could get Fonseca out of there whenever he wants to.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Davis 4 rounds up. In the 6th round Davis continues to land shots to Fonseca’s head and body, but Fonseca is still in the fight. At the start of the 7th round Fonseca rocked Davis. Davis is clearly winning the fight but he’s not at his best. At the end of the round Fonseca had Davis pinned on the ropes if he was a bigger puncher he would be causing Davis problems. At the start of the 8th round Davis came out throwing power shots and Fonseca hit the canvas and he couldn’t beat the count.

Nathan Cleverly V Badou Jack

Nathan Cleverly was out classed by Badou Jack as he’s stopped in the 5th round. Nathan Cleverly announced his retirement after the fight.

In the 1st round both men came out looking to throw shots it was a good opening round and if the rest of the fight is like this it’s going to be a good one. Jack started the 2nd round well it looked like Cleverly was already struggling with the pace of the fight. The better punches continued to come from Jack throughout the round. In the 3rd Cleverly was trying to work off the jab, but the more powerful punches where coming from Jack. In the 4th round Cleverly finally started to have success. Half way through the round Jack rocked Cleverly but he recovered quickly. There seem to be nothing Cleverly could do. Surely it’s just a matter of time. In the 5th round Jack moved in for the kill landing big shots mid way through the round Jack has Cleverly pinned on the ropes and there seem to be nothing he could do. With less than a minute in the round the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

Andrew Tabiti V Steve Cunningham

Andrew Tabiti puts in a punch perfect performance to win a wide unanimous decision over an old Steve Cunningham.

The 1st round was very much a feeling out round both men just trying to find their range it was a close round with not much to split them. Tabiti started the 2nd round the brighter, Cunningham looked like he was still struggling to find his range. At the start of the 3rd Tabiti worked well off the jab then following it with the right hand. It looked like Cunningham was reaching with his punches. The fight hasn’t caught fire yet. At the start of the 4th Tabiti landed a good right hand. It looks like age has caught up with Cunningham.

Going into the second half of the fight Tabiti has won every round. At the start of the 5th round Tabiti was just boxing well behind the jab it’s a good performance but it’s starting to look like a sparring session. Cunningham is trying to get into the fight but it’s just not there anymore. In the 6th Tabiti was just able to tee off and there was nothing Cunningham could do. In the 7th round Cunningham came out looking to let his hands go but he couldn’t hurt Tabiti. I think Tabiti should step on the gas and get Cunningham out of there. In the 8th round Tabiti continues to work well off the jab and landing shots to Cunningham’s head and body. Cunningham started the 9th well but he couldn’t keep it up and Tabiti just kept landing shots to Cunningham head and body.

Going into the final round Tabiti has won every round the only way Cunningham could win would be by knockout and that’s not going to happen. The 10th round was the same as the rest of the fight.

Thomas Dulorme V Yordnis Ugas

Yordnis Ugas wins a unanimous decision in controversial fashion

In the 1st round both men came out looking to let their hands go, it was a tight round but I think Ugas might have just edged it with the better quality punches. In the 2nd round both where working well off the jab. Dulorme was throwing big shots but they were falling short. Ugas just continue to land good shots with 30 seconds left in the round Ugas landed a good shot that sent Dulorme to the canvas but he quickly beat the count. With less than 10 seconds to go Dulome hit the canvas again after walking into a straight right hand, once again he quickly beat the count. In the 3rd round Ugas went looking for the kill and he was able to land at will. Dulorme tried to comeback but he hadn’t got the power to keep Ugas off. In the 4th round Dulorme came out swinging, Ugas was just happy to work off the jab. However this has been Dulorme’s best round of the fight. Toward the end of the round Ugas started landing some big shots

Going into the second half of the fight Ugas had won every round. Dulorme is going to need a big second half. In the 5th round Dulorme looked like he was starting to come back into the fight but he was still getting caught by Ugas’s right hand. In the 6th round Dulorme was working well off the jab and then rocked Ugas. Although Ugas is winning the fight it looks like Ugas is running out of steam and Dulorme was able to land some body shots. The 7th round was a bit scrappy and Dulorme has a point taken off for low blows I think both men are starting to feel the pace of the fight. Then out of nowhere Dulorme rocked Ugas but he took it well. Then toward the end of the round Ugas hit the canvas off a nice left hook. Dulorme started the 8th by going to the body he again rocked Ugas with another left hook. Dulorme could feel that Ugas was out of gas and he tried to go for the knockout but once again Ugas came back. In the 9th round Dulorme came out landing shots to Ugas’s head and body, but this round was a real 50/50 round it will come down to what you like in this round.

Going into the final round I had Dulorme up by 1 but it’s very close. At the start of the 10th Dulorme had another point off for low blows but I don’t know what the referee was watching that may have cost Dulorme the fight.

At the final bell I had it a draw but I think Dulorme would have won without the points deduction

Also on the bill:

Juan Heraldez: came off the floor to win a unanimous decision .

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  1. Very good night of boxing great review a good under card I read cleverly has retired, keep up the great work all the best mate.

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