Fight Night Review 20th August 2017

On Saturday night the Pinnacle Bank Arena gave us a great night of action, here’s my review of all the action.

Terence Crawford V Julius Indongo

Terence Crawford shocked the world and made boxing history with a 3rd round knockout.

In the 1st round both men came out looking to control the centre of the ring, from the bell Crawford has been looking to land big shots. Throughout the round he was landing some quality punches. If Crawford keeps this up it could be a long night for Indongo. In the 2nd round Indongo came out looking to work off the jab, but the more powerful punches were coming from Crawford. With under a minute to go in the round Indongo got caught with a shot over the top and he hit the canvas but quickly beat the count. To be honest Crawford is making Indongo look like a novice. In the 3rd round Indongo’s punches were falling short and Crawford is just waiting for the right time to let his power shots go. Then out of know were Crawford landed a huge body shot which sent Indongo to the canvas again in severe pain and he couldn’t beat the count he was just rolling around on the canvas.

Dillian Whyte V Malcolm Tann

Dillian Whyte makes a statement on his US debut with a 3rd round knockout. He will now be looking for a world title shot,

In the 1st round Whyte was looking to work off the jab, Tann looked like he’d got nothing that could keep Whyte off. In the 2nd round Whyte picked up were he left off working the jab well to the body then looking for the power shot. Although Whyte is looking to impress he needs to remember to keep his defences up as he’s been caught a few times on the way in. Midd way through the round Whyte rocked Tann and he looked ready to go then Tann hit the canvas but beat the count, however it only looks like a matter of time before Whyte gets him out of there. Seconds later Tann goes down again and he looks like he doesn’t want to know, but again he beats the count. At the start of the 3rd Whyte went looking for the knockout throwing big shots to Tann’s head and body, after a good body shot Tann hits the canvas once again and once again he just beats the count. With 30 seconds to go in the round Tann hits the canvas once again but this time the referee doesn’t bother with the count and waved it off.

Oleksandr Gvozdyk V Craig Baker

Oleksandr Gvozdyk knocked out Craig Baker in the 6th round but it wasn’t his best performance.

In the 1st round both men were just trying to find their range it was a close round with not much to split them but I think Gvozdyk just edged it. In the 2nd Baker came out throwing jabs and was looking to go to Gvozdyk’s body. However the better and harder punches were coming from Gvozdyk, but it is shaping up to be a good fight. In the 3rd round Gvozdyk came out working of the jab, although the better punches were coming from Gvozdyk, Baker is still very much in the fight, and I think if he’s still in the fight going down the stretch he could corse Gvozdyk some problems. At the start of the 4th Gvozdyk looked to start letting his hands go but then he went back behind his jab.

At the half way point I had Gvozdyk 3 up but I just expected more from Gvozdyk I’d like to see some more spite and power in his punches, but I’m taking nothing away from Baker as he’s boxing very well. The 5th round was much the same as the rest of the fight lots of moving in and out but not a lot of punches been thrown. In the 6th round Gvozdyk came out picking his shots better and with more power behind them, with just over a minute to go in the round he caught Baker on the chin and he hit the canvas, Baker made it back to his feet but now Gvozdyk is moving in for the kill. Seconds after the knockdown Baker took a number of big shots to the head leaving the referee no choice but to step in and stop the fight.

Also on the Bill:

Michael Reed: Michael Reed out classed his opponent to win by unanimous decision, but he should have really gone for the knockout.

Shakur Stevenson: 2016 Olympic silver medalist Shakur Stevenson continued his perfect start to his professional career with a unanimous decision win after dropping his opponent.

Comments below and let me know what you thought of this historic night for boxing.

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