Fight Night Review 23rd June 2017

On Friday night Newcastle was treated to a night of action filled with young talent. Here’s my review of all the action.

Josh Kelly V Tom Whitfield

Josh Kelly destroyed Tom Whitfield inside a round.

Tom Whitfield walked to the ring looking confident. Josh Kelly walked to the ring looking ready to go.

In the 1st round Kelly came out throwing shots it’s very early in the fight but already it looks like Whitfield can’t cope with Kelly’s power and hand speed. With less than a minute gone Whitfield hit the canvas off a number of heavy shots to his head and he couldn’t beat the count.

Anthony Fowler V Nikoloz Gvajva

Anthony Fowler broke Nikoloz Gvajva up in 4 rounds.

Anthony Fowler walked to the ring looking cool and focused.

In the 1st round Fowler came out letting his hands go, it already looks like Gvajva has no answers. Throughout the round Fowler continued to land some good shots to the body. In the 2nd round Fowler picked up where he left off landing painful body shots. At the start of the round Fowler was warned about low blows but to be honest they looked fine to me. With a minute to go Fowler landed a nice combination to Gvajva’s head.

Going into the second half of the fight Fowler had won both rounds. In the 3rd Fowler continued to land heavy shots but, Gvajva did well to stand up to the attacks. Then with just over a minute to go in the round Gvajva hit the canvas off a nice combination that ended with a body shot, Gvajva just about beat the count but he looks like he’s got nothing left. Fowler continued to attack the body and Gvajva hit the canvas again but once again he beat the count. At the start of the 4th Gvajva looked unsteady on his legs, and Fowler looked like he was moving in for the kill. With just 30 seconds gone in the round Gvajva hit the canvas once again and the referee did the right thing and waved it off.

Although Fowler looked very impressive in this fight going forward he needs to work on his defensive skills, and not getting drawn into a fight but I’m sure that will come with experience.

Natasha Jonas V Monika Antonik

Natasha Jonas walked to the ring looking relaxed and focused

Jonas made a statement by wiping out her opponent in 93 seconds.

In the 1st round Jonas came out throwing shots making Antonik step back. She continued to land heavy shots to head and body, then the referee stopped the fight because Antonik wasn’t fighting back.
Also on the bill:

Jordan King: had a hard fought win over journeyman Adam Jones

Bradley Saunders: comes back from injury to score a 1st round stoppage

Warren Balster: wins by a 2nd round stoppage

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One thought on “Fight Night Review 23rd June 2017

  1. Sounds like a good night of boxing glad to see the young girl come through enjoyed reading about all the action keep up the great work all the best mate.

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