Fight Night Review 27th May 2017

On Saturday night the steel city of Sheffield played host to a packed night of championship action, here’s my review of all the action.

Kell Brook V Errol Spence Jr

Heartbreak for Kell Brook as he is knocked out in the 11th round

Errol Spence walked to the ring looking very relaxed and the crowd didn’t seem to bother him. Kell Brook walked to the ring with the whole city behind him, and looking ready to go.

The 1st started very cagey both men just feeling each other out it was an even round but I think Brook may have just edged it. In the 2nd it looked like Brook was trying to get on the front foot and he seem to have found his range. Spence seem to be walking on to a lot of shots. However Spence did land some body shots. At the start of the 3rd Brook was trying to work off the jab. Midway through the round Spence did land some good shots to head and body. This is shaping up to be a good one. In the 4th Brook came out swinging but Spence kept coming back again landing some good shots. In the 5th both men had success but the better quality punches seem to be coming from Brook.

This is a difficult fight to score but going into the second half of the fight I had Brook up by 2 but it’s tight. At the start of the 6th Brook rocked Spence for a moment but he recovered quickly. At this point in the fight Brook seem to be coming on strong, at the end of the round Brook rocked Spence again. In the 7th Brook was able to stay on the front foot making Spence work for the whole round. However it was Spence’s best round of the fight. In the 8th Brook was starting to look tired and Spence seem to have a spring in his step. At the start of the 9th Brook came out well but Brook still looks like he’s struggling, Spence landed some painful looking shots. At the end of the round Spence rocked Brook and he was saved by the bell. So into the championship rounds we go who wants it more. In the 10th disaster struck as Brook hits the canvas he beat the count but Brook looks like he’s got nothing left. Amazingly at the end of the round Brook fought back. In the 11th Brook rocked Spence but again Spence fought back and dropped Brook again and he couldn’t beat the count. It looks like Kell Brook has another eye injury.

George Groves V Fedor Chudinov

The dream is made real for George Groves as he finally becomes a world Champion with a 6th round stoppage.
Fedor Chudinov walked to the ring looking very confident. George Groves walked to the ring like a man who knew his career was on the line.

Groves started the fight well landing some good shots, but Chudinov didn’t take a step back rocking groves at one point. I think Chudinov just edged it. In the 2nd round Groves came out again looking to land shots, however Chudinov continued to keep the pressure on. Both men seemed happy to let their hands go early. There’s no way they can keep this up for the whole fight. The 3rd round started slower but both men were still fighting at a high pace. Groves landed some powerful looking shots but Chudinov is still standing his ground. In the 4th the high pace continued and Groves rocked Chudinov but he’s still not taking a step back. At the end of the round Chudinov was rocked again and he looks ready to go. In the 5th Chudinov continued to come forward making Groves work for every minute of the round. Chudinov landed some good shots with Groves on his back foot. Groves landed some good shots back.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Groves up by 3 and fighting really well. At the start of the 6th Groves rocks Chudinov and starts to tee off on him and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

David Allen V Lenroy Thomas

Lenroy Thomas wins a controversial split decision to win the Commonwealth title, but David Allen will come again. I would love to see a rematch.

Walking to the ring both men looked relaxed and ready to go.

In the 1st round Thomas came out working well off the jab toward the end of the round you could see Allen growing into the fight. At the start of the 2nd Thomas was still working well off the jab. However when ever Allen landed you could see it hurt Thomas. At the start of the 3rd Thomas continued to box well it looks to me like Allen is just looking for that one big shot. In the 4th Allen was still looking for the hook and he did land some nice ones. Midway through the round it looked like Thomas was feeling the pace as he seemed to be blowing. In the 5th it looked like the power had gone from Thomas’s punches and Allen could just walk through them.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Allen up by 3. In the 6th it looked like Allen was looking for the knockout, but to be honest it was quite a scrappy round. In the 7th Allen continued to stay on the front foot trying to land big shots, it’s starting to look like Thomas was running out of ideas. In the 8th Allen landed some good body shots. Midway through the round Thomas had a point taken off for a number of low blows. If Allen was to use his boxing skills he could probably get Thomas out of there. In the 9th Allen landed some good shots. I think Thomas knew that he had nothing that could hurt Allen. Toward the end of the round Allen rocked Thomas with a big body shot. At the start of the 10th Allen came out looking for the knockout landing a number of shots. However the better quality boxing was coming from Thomas. In the 11th Allen came out boxing but then went back to looking for that big shot. Thomas did land some very good shot but Allen could just walk through them.

Going into the 12th I had Allen up by 5. The 12th was a bit of a scrappy round as both men look tired. So to the Judges we go at the final bell I had Allen winning it by 6.

Andy Townend V Jon Kay

Andy Townend wiped out Jon Kay in 2 rounds.

In the 1st round both men were just trying to find their range, but it looks like Townend has settled better landing some good shots. At the start of the 2nd Townend looked to pick up where he left off and Kay hit the canvas, bravely Kay beat the count however Townend continued to rock him. At the end of the round Kay was sent to the canvas and Kay’s corner throw the towel in.

Jamie Cox V Lewis Taylor

Jamie Cox wins on points after the doctor stops the fight due to a clash of heads.

In the 1st round Cox came out swinging, but them both men settled down and went back to their boxing skills, it did look like Taylor was having trouble keeping Cox off. In the 2nd round Cox continued to try and land big shots he needs to stop loading up and move his head more. At the start of the 3rd Cox came out trying to land combinations, but if he was to work of the jab and box more he may have more success. Throughout the fight Taylor was landing some good shots that won’t knock Cox out but they will catch the eye of the judges. In the 4th Cox continued to try and land big shots, and although Taylor was landing shots Cox could just walk through them. In the 5th Cox continued to land shots and he seemed happy to take one to give one. Cox continued to land some good body shots that will start to were Taylor down.

Going into the second half of the fight I had it wide to Cox. In the 6th it looked like Cox was trying to work off his jab and go back to his boxing skills. However Taylor did land some good shots but there was just no power behind them. At the start of the 7th blood was flowing from Taylor’s eye and it looks like it was starting to affect his vision, however he continued to throw shots, but still the better shots where coming from Cox. In the 8th Cox went back to the body but in this round Taylor was landing the better shots. Toward the end of the round Cox did land 2 or 3 very good shots. In the 9th Cox landed some very good and powerful shots, Taylor looked like he was in survival mode. Midway through the round the referee wanted the doctor to look at Taylor’s eye and the doctor stopped the fight so we go to the cards I had Cox up by 4.

Also on the bill:

Anthony Fowler gets his professional career off to a great start with a 1st round knockout.

Lawrence Okolie continued his perfect start to his professional career with his 3rd straight win all in the 1st round all by knockout.

Joe Cordina continued his perfect start with his 3rd straight stoppage.

Hope you enjoyed the fights, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Reads like a good night of boxing sorry Kell lost and saint George finely wins a world championships and some good bouts inbetween another good blog about great night of boxing great stuff.

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