Fight Night Review 15th October 2016

On Saturday night the Echo Arena Liverpool hosted a packed night of boxing here’s my review of the action.

Tony Bellew V BJ Flores 

Tony Bellew destroyed BJ Flores in 3 rounds

BJ Flores walked to the ring looking focused but confident Tony Bellew walked to the ring to the Z Cars theme with a face like stone.

In the 1st round both men were letting their shots go, Flores seem to be having the better of it. Flores came out in the 2nd landing some good shots, but then Bellew caught him with a good shot and he hit the canvas. Bellew was growing in confidence, and with 20 seconds  to go in the round Flores hits the canvas again, and again he beats the count. Then with 10 seconds to go Flores is floored for the 3rd time.  In the 3rd round Flores came out swinging but missing. Then Bellew started to land good shots. With 50 seconds to go in the round Flores hit the canvas yet again and this time Flores couldn’t beat the count.

Luke Campbell V Derry Mathews

Luke Campbell wipes out Derry Mathews in 4 rounds.

Derry Mathews walked to the ring like a man who knew his career could be on the line. Luke Campbell walked to the ring looking very confident and up for it.

The 1st round was cagey with both men just trying to find their range, there wasn’t much in it but I think Campbell edged it. The 2nd round was still quite cagey but the more   quality punches were coming from Campbell, both men were starting to land some good body shots.  The 3rd started slowly and Mathews started to land some good shots. Both men still seemed happy to let their shots go still the better work was coming from Campbell. At the end of the round Mathews hit the canvas.   In the 4th Campbell was landing some good body shots with a minute to go in the round Mathews hit the canvas again from a big body shot and he looked in big trouble.  Campbell could smell blood and moved in for the kill. With 30 seconds left in the round Campbell landed another big body shot and Mathews hit the canvas and couldn’t beat the count.

Ryan Burnett V Ryan Farrag 

Ryan Burnett wins a wide unanimous decision to retain his British title.

Farrag walked to the ring looking very focused. Burnett walked to the ring looking very confident, he walked to the ring like he was just out for a stroll.

In the 1st round both fighters came out looking to be on the front foot both men seemed quite happy to let their shots go, it was a very close round with nothing to split them.  The 2nd round started slower than the 1st again there was nothing to split them but I think Farrag just edged it.  In the 3rd Burnett was trying to get on the front foot, midway through the round Farrag pinned Burnett on the ropes. The more powerful punches came from Burnett but the better quality punches came from Farrag. At the start of the 4th Burnett rocked Farrag and he nearly hit the canvas.  Burnett was starting to grow in confidence.  At the start of the 5th Burnett cane out swinging it looked like he was trying to get Farrag out of there and make a statement.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Burnett up by 3 and I couldn’t see it going the distance.  In the 6th Burnett was still trying to land power shots and Farrag looked like he was losing his composure. At the end of the round it looked like Burnett could land at will.  The 7th started slower, it looked like Farrag was trying to box his way in. However Burnett was still controlling the fight.  In the 8th Farrag was trying to land his shots but he couldn’t hurt Burnett. Then Burnett started to land some good shots. Farrag had a good start to the 9th but he couldn’t sustain it. Burnett backed him up to the ropes and started to tee off. Into the championship rounds we go, Farrag started the 10th well, but then Burnett took over and got down to business,but credit to Farrag he wouldn’t give up. Towards the end of the round Burnett rocked Farrag.  In the 11th Farrag looked tired but Burnett couldn’t get him out of there.

Going into the 12th I had it very wide to Burnett the only way Farrag could win would be by knockout. The 12th was the same as most of the fight, and Farrag looked like he had nothing left.

Also on the bill:

Sean Dodd

Sean wins a split decision in a tight 10 round fight, I would love to see a rematch over 12 rounds.

Rocky Fielding

Fielding put on a very impressive performance with a 2nd round knockout of a very overmatched opponent.

Simon Valllily lost his unbeaten record to Mairis Briedis with a 3rd round knockout.

Craig Glover continued his good  start to his career with his 2nd win.

Scott Fitzgerald came off the canvas to win on points to take his record to 5-0

Please comment below and and me know what you thought of the night


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