Fight Night Review 24th September 2016

On Saturday night the Manchester Arena hosted a packed night of championship boxing here’s my review of all the action.

Anthony Crolla v Jorge Linares

Judges rob Anthony Crolla with a controversial unanimous decision

The arena was rocking even before the ring walks. Jorge Linares walked to the ring looking very focused  and the crowd didn’t seem to bother him. The whole arena was singing along when Crolla’s music hit.  He seem to be enjoying the party atmosphere. The 1st round started slow but then both men started to have success, it was a very even round with nether men wanting to give too much away. The 2nd round was another close round Linares did seen to be having the better of it. The 3rd started the same but you could see now that both men had found there range and they respected each other’s power, it was shaping up to be a good one. In the 4th both men started to open up while still been respectful of each other’s power Linares was warn twice for low blows. In the 5th Crolla had seen the best Linares had to offer and knew he could take it.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Crolla up and I couldn’t see it going the distance.  In the 6th Crolla was landing the better and there seem to be nothing  Linares could do about it, towards the end of the round Crolla got careless and had to take a big attack. The 7th was a much slower round but Crolla still landed some big attacks the 8th was a slower round again I think both men were feeling the pace. The 9th was another even round but with Crolla having the better of it but you could see that both men were getting tired. So into the championship rounds we go who wants it more! The 10th was a toe 2 toe round with both men trying to land their shots. the 11th was a good round for both men but I think Linares knew he was down on the cards.  So into the 12th we go.

Going into the 12th I had Crolla up but in was tight. In the 12th both men were exhausted but still going for it till the final bell. On my card I had Crolla up by 2 but it was close

John Ryder v Jack Arnfield

Jack Arnfield takes another step toward world honours with a unanimous decision win.

Walking to the ring both men looked confident.  The 1st round was a bit like a chess match both men just trying to find their range and timing. In the 2nd round both men came out on the front foot working behind their jab, then midd way through the round Ryder started to land combos to the head and body. The 3rd was much the same but it looked like Ryder was happy to stay on his back foot and pick Arnfield off as he came in.  In the 4th it looked like Ryder was trying to pick off Arnfield on the counter. Arnfield started the 5th well but by the midd way point Ryder was back in control but it was a much more even round.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Ryder up by 2 on work rate and the better punches.  The 6th was a very even round were nothing much happened. At the start of the 7th Ryder came out swinging, by midd way through the round Arnfield tried to take control but he didn’t seem to have the power to hurt Ryder. In the 8th Ryder landed some good shots but nothing that Arnfield couldn’t deal with.  In the 9th Ryder again tried to take control but couldn’t and it was another even round. The 10th was a bit of a stale mate with nothing happening. The 11th followed the pattern of most of the second half of the fight starting well then nothing happening.

Going into the 12th I had Ryder up by 1 but it could go ever way.

Callum Johnson v Willbeforce Shihepo 

Callum Johnson wins the Commonwealth title by knockout in a boring fight.

Walking to the ring Willbeforce Shihepo looked cold eyed and focused, Callum Johnson looked ready  to go and full of confidence. The 1st was quite cagey with Johnson on the front foot trying to get on the inside, but a lot of the time it turned into a cuddling contest. The 2nd was the same unfortunately, if Johnson was to step back and throw his punches from distance they may have been more affective. The 3rd was a carbon copy of the 2nd and to be honest it was getting boring to watch.  The 4th was more like a wrestling match with both men just pushing each other round the ring, towards the end of the round some punches did start to flow.  The 5th was more of the same with more pushing and pulling with the odd punch been thrown, finally the referee took a point off of Shihepo for holding.

Going into the second half of the fight I had Johnson up by 3 because at least he was trying to box. In the 7th Shihepo looked tired and the referee had taken another point then out of nowhere Shihepo hit the canvas but beat the count. In the 8th Johnson launched a big attack which sent Shihepo’s gum shield flying. At the start of the 9th Shihepo launched some good attacks, but then normal service resumed, and then out of nowhere Johnson caught him with a big right hand and that was it.

Hosea Burton v Fernando Castenada 

Hosea Burton makes short work of Fernando Castenada with a 3rd round stoppage.

Walking to the ring both men look very relaxed. In the 1st round Burton came out on the front foot working well behind his jab, but it was very much a round were both men were just feeling each other out.The 2nd round started much the same but by the midd way point  both men were starting to have success. In the 3rd Burton started to land some very painful looking combos, and Castendada hit the canvas and did well to beat the count. Burton put him down again shortly after this with a big head shot and Castendada bravely beat the count again, but then with 2 minutes and 18 seconds gone in the round the referee had no choice but to stop the fight with Castendada taking too much punishment.

Also on the bill:

Conor Benn put on a boxing master class to widely out point a game opponent.

Isaac Lowe won a wide points decision to keep his undefeated record against Elvis Guillen.

Marcus Morrison knocked out Matiouze Royer with 1 minute 13 seconds gone in the 1st round

Lyndon Arthur makes a dream start to his professional career with a points win

Nathan Wheatley narrowly out pointed Dan Blackwell


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